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Nathan pas la pluie

Nathan pas la pluie

Mon blog ''journal intime'' mon quotidien pour sortir de la routine..., mes recettes de cuisine que j'aime, mes passions et un peu de mauvais caractère...

Being human

And here is another series which I discovered via the syfy channel!
The series being human with:
Sam Witwer in the role of the vampire
Sam Huntington in the role of the werewolf
Meaghan Rath in the role of the ghost



It is the American version because there is Being human version UK!

Here, I have just looked at the last 3 episodes of the season 1 and am already impatient to see the season 2!

Of what forget a little bit that life isn't funny everydays, because I received a painful in the mailbox! Look after itself it's good, but that is expensive

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